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People's Proclamation of Independance

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This site was started on: 10/2/07

Please note the following:

  • This proclamation of independence envisions a future of equality and dignity for all individuals.
  • It envisions a future of Mutual Aid within local communities.
  • It envisions a future of People choosing to work together collectively for the benefit of all.
  • It envisions a future of Peace and Harmony.

This future can be achieved without violence if People choose to make it so.

(Note: Contextual definitions of key concepts in Proclamation are presented at end of text)

People's Proclamation of Independence

For the sake of humanity's future sustainability, it is essential to learn. Today, in 2007, we are witness to decadent world-wide institutions and organizations prolonging continued disarray for "the commons" against the desires of People everywhere. People everywhere desire Peace and harmony, and this is a Proclamation of Independence from those institutions and organizations that perpetuate and prolong ongoing suffering of innocence.

This Proclamation extols the virtues of: local commerce and governance as well as individual liberty for the good of all. This Proclamation calls for a Confederacy of Communities committed to a peaceful and better future for ALL People. The following forms the basis of the Confederacy:

1. Institutions and organizations are to be directly accountable to and in the interest of the People. Institutions and organizations that exert large-scale authority over many local areas are to be identified. Institutions and organizations premised upon domination or that perform acts of domination are to be dismantled and discontinued in an orderly and systematic fashion during a "Time of Transition". The principles and intent of all on-going institutions and organizations ought be published periodically and these publications ought be free for all.

Note: What defines an "institution" or an "organization" ought be self-evident. They include current government entities, corporations, and "highly organized" groupings that are "not alive" but nonetheless exert large-scale influence over the lives of many.

2. Liberty for individuals is understood to be freedom of expression in all "non-physical" ways and most other ways and freedom of action (within bounds) in most situations when responding to an attempt at interaction from another ("when someone wants you to make a choice"). Where there is physical interaction amongst individuals in a common place, restrictions on liberty may be necessary. 

(21720Note:  This text belongs - If you can understand, then you must know - talking /posting in "real time" on the "Internet", otherwise known as the "World Wide Web", is NON-PHYSICAL - So any good forum allows for freedom of expression.  The "forum moderators" are allowed to edit the forum they host as they see fit and then the participants can decide if it is worth "haning around".  Now then, if there are "editors gone wild" that is a whole nether matter because you are NOT allowed to edit "in the background" especially and most particularly at a forum or site of which you are NOT the "keeper" or the "host" - punishment for this can be permanent because it is insidious and nobody has the "right" to be the "Grand Editor" - I hope I've made myself clear and I hate that I have to say this in the first place - in the future I will move this Note elsewhere, but for now IT REMAINS here because editing in the background generally has nothing to do with freedom of expression, it is an attempt to "control the narrative and ALWAYS inevitably fails to the dismay of the self-proclaimed "grand editor" - it is the opposite of freedom of expression and it KILLS good communication.  In my experience the usual outcome is DEATH for the unallowed editor who it turns out was never grand in the first place) .

3. "Generally agreed upon principles" to guide behavior ought be established for each community and revisited and adjusted as necessary. Any restrictions that are proposed are only to be considered if a majority of the commons agree. In situations where an agreement has been reached to consider a restriction, then the individuals who proposed the restriction must respond to any questions from others. The amount of time and effort in consideration should be proportional to the restriction's scale.

4. The primary purpose of all governing entites is to facilitate education and collective learning for the commons. As vested by the commons, governing entities may also be responsible for: health services, transportation services, auditing services, general public safety-related considerations, etc.

5. It is in the interest of local communities that all members of the community have the basic needs of shelter and daily sustenance sufficiently met, so that in times of bounty these needs are of no concern. Adequete supplies should be stored in reserve to prepare for times of shortage. During times of shortage the reserves are to be distributed per procedures as developed by each local community. Development of these procedures should be one of the first tasks taken up by any community. If a community has a surplus of daily sustenance materials (food, clothing, medicines, etc.), mechanisms for trading this surplus with other nearby communities should be established and agreed upon.

6. Any transportation within a community is to be "owned" by members of the community and any benefits associated with this tranportation are to be shared equally.

7. Media entities associated with communication amongst members of the community are to be permitted by the community. A permit can be rescinded if the media entity is no longer in the interest of the community. A primary purpose of media entities is to report on "scale" accurately, and if there is a general consensus that a media entity has failed in this, then the media entity should be placed on probation and the permit adjusted (or possibly rescinded) as necessary.

8. Enforcement of restrictions is to be done by members of the community all of whom take turns with this responsibility. Enforcement should be diffuse so as to discourage concentration of any enforcement authority in the hands of a few. If there are individuals who work full time on enforcement, these individuals should be representative of the community to the greatest extent possible, and these individuals should engage in face-to-face interaction with members of the community in both "good-standing" and "bad-standing" on a daily basis.

9. Defense of the community is to be the minimum necessary.

10. All Communities that are in the Confederacy need to first and foremost make a Pledge of Peace towards each other as well as towards others who are not members of the Confederacy. By virtue of Peace the Confederacy can strive towards a sustainable future for humanity. Discoveries of the Confederacy should be made available for "the global commons". New members to the Confederacy should be readily accepted.

Contextual definitions (first draft):

domination - an attempt to take away the choice of many for the gain of a few resulting in suffering of innocence.

local - space or land with accepted (but not necessarily exactly defined) boundaries and shared areas where "with non-negligible likelihood" any member of the population could interact with any other member of the population on any given "day" (one rotation). Note: for the purpose of this proclamation, populations/lands have the following gradation: Home, Neighborhood, Town/City, Region, State, etc.

People - Any group of individuals bound together by virtue of common interests. Any individual can belong to many groupings of People.

"the commons" - All People in a given community. "the commons" extends out globally so that ALL individuals on planet earth could be characterized as part of "the global commons".

"non-physical" - A situation when one's actions during a set timeframe are fairly considered beyond the normal realm of "other's" sensory means. Consideration must also be given to "the nature" of the supposed "sensory offense" if one is claimed by another. This is preferably done by a jury of peers.  For example: Conversation on the internet is "non-physical".

restriction - A law that limits liberty.

scale - A function of "impact". Impact can be a combination of many factors including: numbers affected as well as duration and magnitude of associated effects. Defining effects when assessing impact as well as the overall "size" of scale (large or small) requires awareness of the "commonweal" (general welfare for all members of the commons).

governing - Activities of individuals and other organizational bodies whose authority is vested by all members of the community. All members of governing entites should publically profess allegiance to the Confederacy and its principles and behave accordingly in their day-to-day governing activities.  NOTE: Failure to behave consistently with the Confederacy Principles is grounds for dismissal through an established process that includes a fair and open hearing. It is up to members of the commons to be indignant in assuring that this occurs as necessary.

collective learning - all efforts towards improving the day-to-day lives of the global commons, both individually and collectively, with "an understood recognition" that you can't have one without the other.

communities - groups of individuals bound together by virtue of common space. They share the desire to maintain the space as a forum for interaction for the good of all the commons.

members - all individuals in the community. Note: The community commons will always tend to include individuals who are not able to "represent" themselves but who merit full consideration (such as babies).

transportation - Transportation is all about going from one place to another. Transportation that transpires over common ground is commonly owned. All things are "transporting" in time -- so to speak.

media - just now the "media" is mostly a big lie. The truth is out there, but you won't get it from the current "mainstream" media. Almost all of em have the agenda of a few in mind and they are NOT reporting on scale accurately. Today's media might as well be called what it really is: "propaganda". There are some exceptions and I hope more will manifest. I know that I have some places I go to get an accurate depiction. We need "the story" to be told accurately. Then, let the chips fall where they will.

Also the concept of a confederation and the term "confederacy" are based on the following:

Confederation (as defined by The New Oxford American, 2nd Edition):
1. an organization that consists of a number of parties or groups united in an alliance or league.

Confederacy (as defined by Webster's Collegiate, 11th Edition):
1. a league or compact for mutual support or common action : ALLIANCE.

(small addendum)

I would truly appreciate any suggestions - i am unable to do this by my lonesome.

Note (my opinion): For harmful effects (both current and possible future) that impact the global commons, consideration should be given to establishing a completely transparent "one-time global entity" chartered for a defined time period to have unbiased influence in helping publish information and guide wise decisions for the sake of sustaining local communities. All ideas generated by virtue of this entity are to be publicized and distributed freely amongst local communities. 

(21620 - addition based on wisdom gained since 2007)  If it turns out that this global entity tries to make a "power grab" then it should rapidly and ruthlessly be disbanded and this should be done with undeniable justice to punish those trying to hold onto old ideas that are evidently no longer working.  This could actually be used as a "tool" during the time of transition and I put it out there only for consideration.  Ken Hausle is my name - I published this whole site and more originally in 2007.  Lets get across the tables and lets talk.  Lets make Peace happen.  What matters is MERIT.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8/19/08 - hey can you blame me for going after 8....
I love eight. Eight is "what is that word".....

anyhow. I went for it and maybe i got it.

Maybe i got eight.

Now - comes 9

Addendum (August 29, 2008 - August is so full of gusto!)

after nine comes..
1 and 0 - a bit.
Good afternoon to you - somewhere.....
(hey would "Pluto" say that?)
7:25 pm est

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dreaming about Sadness and Peace

(this poem is posted at: , so I won't repeat it here)

I can dream. I can dream. 

9:58 am est

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday - about time to leave....

Vacations can be awesome good times;
Memories to last a life time;
Communication with family and friends;
Emotions long left unexpressed.
Vacations are time to unwind or rewind whatever the case may be...
Vacations are when you are with loved ones.

I am so glad I'm getting ready to go on vacation.

4:23 pm est

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A little house-cleaning...
Well, I realized that it was time for some house-cleaning at the site. Most of it involved simply removing my own "gibberish" (as an aside, I suppose for me it wasn't really gibberish - you know, because I wrote it and I knew what I was doing at the time. But who else could know? Nobody, but could anyone else know what is going on inside the head of another? It can't be done ---- BUT, and I mean BUT - we can work together collectively - we can work together for the benefit of us all --- especially and particularly us "peasants" ---- and I have always felt that "I am a peasant" - in fact, I'd call myself proud to be a peasant. What about you?).

I won't deny in this day and age that sometimes my mind approaches the "edge". At a site I've been visiting lately someone asked me if my mind was split. I think it was a fair question. My response was that my mind had split in the past (so to speak), but that I didn't think it was going to happen again. I'm just being honest here.

You know we live in tumultuous times to say the least. There is so much potential but there is also so much angst. I think it reflects how so many (myself included) sense a real disconnect that is coming to a moment of truth. Many are disconnected from families and neighbors. Many have no connection with the soil of the earth. Many spend much of their time in some sort of cubicle. This is all so unnatural and it wears on the mind. It distorts our sense of "how we fit in". It breaks us apart.

I think it is coming to a head. The moment of choice has arrived.

With that said, I think we are at the threshold of a new level of consciousness that has the potential of re-connecting us with our better selves --- individually and collectively. Of course, there are many other possibilities, but I remain hopeful and continue to have faith in humanity's spirit. Lets all be in peace.

Peace is what we need,

6:13 am est

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My indignancy...
I live in the United States and i have been and have felt most indignant for some time now. Me and a whole bunch of other folks as well as People from all over the planet.....small, big, red, black, brown, yellow, white, blue, green, and indigo. All of US. All of US who simply want Peace. I am not going to be a "vigilanti", but i am indignant and this Proclamation stems from said indignancy. There is a better way...many better ways.

Indignancy does not settle or go away until there is justice. Until there is justice, indignancy amongst the People will grow exponentially --- like a tsunami. This tsunami of retributive indignancy will be unleashed in a directed manner upon specific individuals who are responsible for the ongoing large-scale suffering of innocence. Don't you think? You know who you stop pretending. Learn or die. The babies - both born and yet to be - are innocent, and innocence must be defended. There is no escaping Karma.

In All Humility,
"buffalo ken"
10:42 am est

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